Tekken 8

Jin Kazama


JIN KAZAMA FIGURE | Blast into the world of the Tekken video game franchise with this exciting Jin Kazama action figure. The collectable figures in this range make great video game gifts or additions to a Tekken merchandise collection.


  • TEKKEN | The Tekken video games are a series of wildly popular martial arts fighting games that have been delighting audiences since the 1990s. These detailed gaming collectables authentically recreate the look and feel of the series.
  • WINDOW BOX | Each of the retro toys in this Tekken action figure range comes in a box to protect your gaming collectibles. With a large, clear window in the front you can display your video game merchandise in or out of the box.
  • EXTRA ACCESSORIES | In addition to the retro gaming figures, each character comes with fun accessories. Jin has an extra pair of hands, a red energy build up, and a stand to hold a sign reading "ROUND2".
  • 17cm ACTION FIGURE | Each of the action figures for boys and girls in this range stand at an imposing 17cm tall and have 17 points of articulation allowing you to pose your Tekken toy exactly as the characters in the game.


  • 1 x 17cm Game Dimensions King Tekken 8 Action Figure
  • 2x Additional Hands
  • 1x Fighting effect
  • 1x 'Round 2' display stand

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