Digimon Vital Bracelet

Vital Bracelet Special Ver.Yellow


Introducing the Digimon Vital Bracelet series from Bandai – the fitness smart watch that motivates you to stay fit by linking your activity (through the built in step tracker and heart rate monitor) to the care of your Digimon virtual pet. Watch your Digimon workout buddy grow and evolve as you train it through your daily activities. Fans of the animated series, video games or trading cards will love this Digimon themed step tracker watch which allows you to battle friends through ‘Vs Memory’ DiM cards, which in turn affects the evolution path your digital companion will take. Expand your play experience with DiM Cards to unlock new Digimon, mission areas and customisation options. DiM Cards can be used with up to 2 Vital Bracelets each.Vital Bracelets make for great gifts for men, women or kids that might benefit from that extra incentive to stay healthy and active, adding a unique element of fun to keeping fit! Includes:1 Vital Bracelet1 Impulse City DiM Card1 VS DiM Card1 USB charging Cable Please note app support is not available in the UK or Republic of Ireland


  • HELP YOURSELF OR YOUR LOVED ONE STAY MOTIVATED to keep fit with the Digimon Vital Bracelet, the smart fitness watch with its own cyber pet that's linked directly to the activity tracker! Download your data into the free app!
  • INFLUENCE HOW YOUR ELECTRONIC PET GROWS and digivolves based on your activity - grow and train your Digimon with each of your steps
  • EXPAND YOUR PLAY EXPERIENCE with DiM Cards - insertable memory cards that unlock new Digimon with unique evolution paths for you to raise and train with, as well as new area missions and custom backgrounds; the Vital Bracelet comes with the'Impulse City' DiM card unlocking the Pulsemon evolutionary line
  • BATTLE YOUR FRIENDS using 'Vs Memory' DiM cards to win trophies and help your digital monster companion evolve - the winner is determined by which Digimon has been trained the best.
  • FULLY FUNCTIONING DIGITAL PEDOMETER WATCH & HEART RATE MONITOR with colour display, great gifts for boys, girls, and fans of the anime show or trading card game.


  • 1 x Vital Bracelet Vital Bracelet Special Ver.?Yellow? Digimon Adventure Device

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