Digimon Ghost Game

NT64574 Dim Card Single - V1- Gammamon


The Digimon world is full of incredible and varied Digital Monsters waiting to be discovered, now you can take them with you while you are out and about with the Digimon Vital Bracelet. This virtual game sits around your wrist and measures steps and heart rate like a fitness bracelet, encouraging you to get outside and be active. Your electronic pet will live in the Vital Bracelet and grow and evolve based on your activity. New Digimon can be introduced to the game with DIM cards, introducing whole new evolutionary trees. The Gammamon DIM card introduces 17 new Digimon based around the Gammamon family. Gammamon is a small Digimon with three horns on its head arranged like a Triceratops. As it digivolves it can take on many other dinosaur themed forms drawing inspiration from sauropods and dragons. By gathering more DIM cards you can explore the vast and varied world of Digimon to grow and play your virtual pets with your friends.


  • Expand your digital world with the Gammamon DIM card for the Digimon Vital Bracelet Digital Monster electronic game. With this DIM card you gain access to more types of Digimon to live as your virtual pet, look after them as they grow and digivolve.
  • The Digimon Vital Bracelet, is a Digimon watch and fitness tracker that is worn on the wrist and is home to a cyber pet that grows and evolves based on your activity. DIM cards introduce new evolutionary lines to collect.
  • The Gammamon DIM card introduces 17 new Digimon to be your digital pet. These Digimon are based around the Gammamon digivolution line. Gammamon is a a small Digimon with three horns on its head like a Triceratops, many of its digivolutions are also dinosaur themed.
  • Train yourself and your Digimon at the same time by getting outdoors and being active. Gammamon will digivolve into different forms depending on how much activity you do, transitioning through 6 stages to reach the final "mega" form.
  • Collect more DIM cards to raise and battle all of your favourite Digimon with your friends. To keep all of your DIM cards secure while you travel, Bandai has also produced the Digimon Holster and Evolution File, designed to making playing with your Digimon toys on the go easy.


  • 1x Gammamon Dim Card

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