Digimon 25th BE Memory Card


Bring the world of Digimon to life on your Vital Bracelet BE with the 25th Anniversary BE memory card from Bandai. This memory card allows you to raise all new Digimon characters on your Vital Bracelet BE fitness tracker watch. As you train them they will take different forms, with 23 to discover in total. You can also explore the world of Digimon while walking as you will encounter daily objectives and challenges. Train your digital pet through different exercises as punches, squats, crunches, and dashing will build on different stats for your character, allowing you to control how they grow. When you are happy with their progress, you can upload your virtual pets to the free app to form a dream team and battle online for victory. The world of Digimon is vast and has been explored for 25 years through games, TV, and films telling the stories of Digital Monsters in a digital world. Bandai produces numerous BE memory cards allowing you to expand the selection of characters you can grow on your Vital Bracelet BE. Explore the range including memory cards for My Hero Academia, Tokyo Revengers, and Demon Slayer.


  • 25th ANNIVERSARY BE MEMORY CARD - This Digital Monster 25th Anniversary BE memory card is compatible with the Vital Bracelet BE cyber pet fitness watch (sold separately). It allows you to play with 23 characters from the digital world of the Digimon anime.
  • VITAL BRACELET BE - The Vital Bracelet BE, for which this memory card is designed, is a wearable virtual pet that you can train through your own activity. Raise up to 4 characters then upload them to the app to battle it out online.
  • GET ACTIVE - Get outside and exercising to train up your electronic pets. Walking will lead you to encounters and allow you to explore the Digimon story while exercises like punches, squats, crunches, and dashing will increase your character's stats.
  • DIGIMON - Digimon has been delighting fans for 25 years with games, TV, and films about Digital Monsters that live in a digital world and the human heroes that are drawn into their adventures.
  • EXPAND YOUR COLLECTION - More BE memory cards mean more choices of character and adventures to explore. In addition to the 25th Anniversary Edition, Bandai has BE memory cards that let you explore the worlds of My Hero Academia, Tokyo Revengers, and Demon Slayer.


  • 1 x Vital Bracelet BE Digimon 25th BE Memory Card Digimon Device

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