Digimon Vital Bracelet

NT69926 Dim Card Set - V2- Angoramon & Lellymon


Bandai combines a full colour Fitness tracking bracelet with the ultimate Virtual Pet : Introducing the Digimon Vital Bracelet Series. | Extend your experience with two new sets of Digimon to meet & Digivolve.


  • Expand your digital world with the Angoramon And Jellymon DIM cards for the Digimon Vital Bracelet Digital Monster electronic game. With these two DIM cards you gain access to more types of Digimon to live as your virtual pet.
  • The Digimon Vital Bracelet, is a Digimon watch and fitness tracker that is worn on the wrist and is home to a cyber pet that grows and evolves based on your activity. DIM cards introduce new evolutionary lines to collect.
  • The Angoramon DIM card introduces 17 new Digimon to be your digital pet. These Digimon are based around the Angoramon digivolution line. Angoramon is a beast-like digimon, as are many of its digivolutions, it has a calm personality and doesn't like to fight.
  • The Jellymon DIM card introduces another 17 more bracelet pets to your Digimon Digivice. These digital monsters are from the Jellymon digivolution tree and, like Jellymon, are based on various sea creatures from jellyfish to whales.
  • Collect more DIM cards to raise and battle all of your favourite Digimon with your friends. To keep all of your DIM cards secure while you travel, Bandai has also produced the Digimon Holster and Evolution File, designed to making playing with your Digimon toys on the go easy.


  • 1x Angoramon Dim Card
  • 1x Lellymon Dim Card

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