Digimon Original Brown Colour


Enjoy a new and updated version of a beloved original 90s toy with the Digimon Colour Original Brown model. This cyber pet lets you raise a Digital Monster and train it to battle others. With new features like a full colour screen, USB-C rechargeable battery, and changeable backgrounds, it is a whole new Digimon experience. First, make sure to raise your electronic pet well, looking after their needs by feeding, cleaning, and healing them and watch as they digivolve into different forms. Second, train your Digimon to hone their skills through fun mini games to prepare them for battle. When they are ready, you can connect to your friends’ Digital Monster and have your cyber pets fight it out to see who will be crowned victorious. Each Digital Monster comes with a useful clip that allows it to be easily attached to a bag or keychain. Collect the different colours and editions of these excellent anime inspired keyring games to raise different Digimon and discover which will be the champion.


  • DIGIMON COLOUR ORIGINAL BROWN - Raise your own Digital Monster as your electronic pet and watch them grow with this retro keyring game. These Digimon boys and girls toys come in multiple colours with the brown version having stylish grey buttons.
  • NEW FEATURES - This version of the Digimon digital pet comes with exciting new features not seen on the original model like a full colour display, a USB-C rechargeable battery, and changeable backgrounds which you can obtain by battling your friends.
  • NURTURE YOUR VIRTUAL PET - Make sure to keep your Digimon in top condition by feeding, cleaning, and healing them if they are injured. Be sure to also train your cyber pet through mini games so it is ready to fight others owned by your friends.
  • BATTLE YOUR FRIENDS - This anime merch lets you relive the experience from the Digimon TV shows by allowing you to battle your friends' Digimon through connecting your electronic games machines together.
  • FORM A TEAM - The Digimon Colour Original comes with a handy attachment for a keyring or bag. Collect different versions of the game to raise a team of Digimon and build your own virtual pet keyring.


  • 1 x Digimon Color Original Brown Digimon Device

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